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HOW WERE THE MELTS MANIFESTED YOU MAY ASK? Well, it's simple. In a world governed by illegal testing of advanced alien technology. The government sought to evolve, to drastically extend the lifespan of the human race. With no volunteers they took it upon themselves to test on criminals and the ill. A group of street vandals painted their city to expose the government's illegal testing, but it back fired. So the TTU (tech testing unit) volunteered these street artists for testing their next advancement, Alien DNA This Alien DNA was extracted from second contact years before hand, as far as the public was aware it was just a conspiracy theory that these Alienated creatures made contact on our home planet. That was until the vandalist group became a subject of the very real DNA. This DNA completely rearranged the atoms and molecules of what makes us very human, creating an almost beautiful abomination. This introduced the creatures that were nicknamed Street Melts The Street Melts being seen by the public was enough for the government to be overthrown, it proved to the public that the Street Melts were telling the truth about the TTU's illegal testing. So they coincided. The people and street melts were one. The beauty is the street melts still display extremely human-like behaviour, since after all their essence isn't Alien, just the DNA that was altered now is. The Street Melts were given right to govern the streets since it was obvious they had no ill intent, and had the soul and bravery to fix their cities. From what began as 100 men being lead by 3 courageous individuals, has now stemmed to a second race on the planet, after all this was centuries ago, they've had children of their own, families created and so on. They had time to evolve, and are now normalized as just another honest member of society.


"ERUPTZ" The first leader, courageous enough to initiate the overthrowing of the TTU The man who started it all. The otherwise "unpredictable" outcome of them falling victim to the Alien DNA was no accident.. Eruptz knew of the sacrifices that had to be made, and was willing to do what was needed, even if that meant risking his humanity.


Then there was "APUZA" He was Eruptz's brother-in-law, Originally not fond of Eruptz but could still relate with him due to their interest in street art. Eruptz quickly grew on Apuza after painting the city together. When Eruptz introduced the idea of overthrowing the TTU and government to Apuza he did not need to think twice.


Can't forget Wobsar.. Wobsar was a friend of Eruptz's for longer than he could remember. They considered eachother family. Anything one did, the other followed. If they both pursued something they were equally passionate about, there was no stopping them from reaching their goal. Overthrowing the TTU was an absolute no brainer, So Wobsar managed to recruit 97 of his followers, and brought it to fruition.

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